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Eco- Forestry Forum Responsible?

    I refer to the Forum’s call for an inquiry into logging (P.C. 3/4/06). If the Forum were that concerned about due process and good governance in the forest sector, perhaps they might care to turn up to National Forest Board meetings as the delegated representatives of the community forestry sector.

    For the information of readers and the Forum, the last Board meeting was held on the gth March and was called specifically to consider the liii Wawas project in East New Britain. Other Board members from as far away as Rabaul, Goroka, Baimuru and Bialla were able to attend: the Forum, based in Port Moresby, was not represented.

    Rather than continuous, misleading press statements, designed only to impress donors and secure continued funding, the Forum could be part of a constructive Forest Board process as envisaged by the Forest Act. If they chose not to do so, there is no justification for PNG wasting public funds on a “commission of inquiry”. Similarly, if foreign governments are misinformed, as a result of the Forum’s irresponsible press campaign, they are always able to inquire of the responsible agencies. Or perhaps the Forum is hoping to jump on another “gravy train” in the form of yet another ill conceived donor program in the forest sector from which they will benefit handsomely?

Bob Tate
Executive Officer
Alternate Board Member

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